Sue Colledge

  • BSc, PhD, FSA
  • ERC Research Associate, EUROEVOL Project
  • Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries

Research Interests

Archaeobotany; the origins, spread and development of Neolithic farming in SW Asia and Europe; plant domestication; the early prehistory of SW Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean; quantitative methods in archaeobotany.

Research Directory Records


  • Jerablus Tahtani Project: Bronze Age Syria; archaeobotany (Professor Eddie Peltenburg, School of History, Classics and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh)
  • Kissonerga Mylouthkia: Pre-Pottery Neolithic and Chalcolithic Cyprus; archaeobotany (Dr Paul Croft, Archaeological Research Centre, Paphos, Cyprus)
  • Ais Yiorkis: Pre-Pottery Neolithic Cyprus; archaeobotany (Professor Alan Simmons, Department of Anthropology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA)
  • Complex Hunter-Gatherers of the Trent Valley, Ontario: Middle Woodland Canada; archaeobotany (Dr James Conolly, Department of Anthropology, Trent University, Ontario, CA)
  • Qarassa excavations: Epipalaeolithic and Pre-Pottery Neolithic Syria; archaeobotany (Dr Lydia Zapata-Peña, Department of Geography, Prehistory and Archaeology, University of the Basque Country, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain)
  • Dhra: Pre-pottery Neolithic Jordan, archaeobotany (Professor Bill Finlayson, CBRL, Amman, Jordan; Professor Ian Kuijt, Department of Anthropology, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA)

Educational Background

  • 1976 BSc Archaeology and Geology, University of Birmingham
  • 1994 PhD Archaeology University of Sheffield. Thesis title: Plant Exploitation on Epipalaeolithic and Early Neolithic Sites in the Levant

Publications (from 1990-present):


Colledge, S., Conolly, J., Dobney, K., Manning, K. and Shennan, S. (eds) 2013 The Origins and Spread of Domestic Animals in Southwest Asia and Europe. Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek.

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Colledge, S. 2001 Plant Exploitation on Epipalaeolithic and Early Neolithic Sites in the Levant. BAR International Series 986.

Journal Articles:

Manning, K., Downey, S.D., Colledge, S., Conolly, J., Stopp, B., Dobney, K. and Shennan, S. 2013 The origins and spread of stock-keeping: the role of cultural and environmental influences on early Neolithic animal exploitation in Europe. Antiquity 87: 1046-1059. 

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Book Chapters

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Digital Archives and Webpages

Colledge, S. 2001 Final report on the archaeobotanical analyses.  In: R.J. Matthews and J.N. Postgate Contextual analysis of the use of space at two Near Eastern Bronze Age sites: Tell Brak (north-eastern Syria) and Kilise Tepe (southern Turkey).  York ADS Electronic archive

Current students

  • Leilani Lucas  Economy and interaction: Exploring archaeobotanical contributions in Prehistoric Cyprus (Joint secondary supervisor with Cyprian Broodbank)

External students

  • Amaia Arranz (PhD - University of the Basque Country)

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