Martin Bridge

  • BSc, PhD, FSA
  • Lecturer in Dendrochronology

Research Interests

Main interests include the use of tree-rings in dating historic timbers and the relationships between tree-rings and various influences on growth, including climate, woodland management and natural pests. Contract work (mostly for English Heritage and County Councils, but also individuals, heritage groups etc.) specialising in the dating of medieval and post-medieval standing buildings and artefacts.

Research Directory Records


  • A long-term study on the timbers of the Tudor warship Mary Rose is ongoing with the Mary Rose Trust (Portsmouth), in particular with Christopher Dobbs.
  • Work carried out with the Auckland University Dendrochronology Laboratory in New Zealand, with Gretel Boswijk, Anthony Fowler and John Ogden.
  • Regular contract work is undertaken for English Heritage Scientific Dating Section.

Educational Background

  • 1979 BSc in Botany (Bristol)
  • 1983 PhD in Dendrochronology (CNAA)
  • 1992 Cert Teaching in Higher Education (City of London Polytechnic)

Over 120 reports on dendrochronological investigations carried out for English Heritage, please contact Martin Bridge for details.

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