Chiara Bonacchi

Research Interests

  • Public archaeology

    • Theory and practice of analysing public participation in archaeology
    • The communication and representation of archaeology
    • Cultural and economic values in archaeology
    • Economics of archaeology
  • Digital heritage and museum studies

    • Digital cultural engagement with museums, galleries and heritage
    • Heritage policy
    • Museum and site interpretation
  • Medieval archaeology in the Mediterranean, building archaeology

Research Directory Records


  • 2013: Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies (Newcastle University), working with Dr Areti Galani on the AHRC-funded pilot project Culturally engaged? A people-centred approach to understanding digital cultural engagement on social media platforms.
  • 2011-present: Member of the scientific committee for the book series on public archaeology published by Florence University Press.
  • 2010-2012: Collaboration with the University of Florence for the organization of the First Italian Congress on Public Archaeology.
  • 2007-present: Member of the archaeological mission of the University of Florence ‘Medieval’ Petra- Shawbak Project, with scientific responsibilities in the areas of public archaeology, medieval and building archaeology.
  • 2007-2009: Development of an interpretation strategy for the international exhibition From Petra to Shawbak Archaeology of a Frontier.

Educational Background

  • 2012: PhD in Archaeology, UCL Institute of Archaeology. Thesis title: Communicating Archaeology: From Trends to Policy. Public Perceptions and Experience in the Changing Media Environment.
  • 2007: MA in Medieval Archaeology, University of Florence.
  • 2005: BA in History and Conservation of Archaeological Heritage, University of Florence.
  • Bonacchi, C. in press (2014). Understanding the public experience of archaeology in the UK and Italy: a call for a sociological movement in Public Archaeology. The European Journal of Post-Classical Archaeologies. 4 (2014). 
  • Bonacchi, C. Forthcoming (2013). Review: The development of Public Archaeology in Italy. Public Archaeology 12.4. 
  • Burtenshaw, P. & C. Bonacchi. Forthcoming (2013). The relevance of Heritage for Development. Review: 'The 17th ICOMOS General Assembly Scientific Symposium Heritage, Driver of Development', 28 November - 1 December 2011, Paris, France. Public Archaeology 12.3. 
  • Bonacchi, C. 2013. Audiences and experiential values of archaeology on the small screen. The cases study of 'Time Team'. Public Archaeology 12.2: 117-31. 
  • Bonacchi, C. (ed.) 2012. Archaeology and Digital Communication. Towards Strategies of Public Engagement. London: Archetype Publications.
  • Bonacchi, C. 2012. Introduction. In C. Bonacchi (ed.) Archaeology and Digital Communication. Towards Strategies of Public Engagement: xi-xix. London: Archetype Publications.
  • Bonacchi, C., C. Furneaux and D. Pett 2012. Public Engagement Through Online TV Channels: A Way Forward For The Audiovisual Communication Of Archaeology? In C. Bonacchi (ed.) Archaeology and Digital Communication. Towards Strategies of Public Engagement: 50-65. London: Archetype Publications.
  • Pett, D. & C. Bonacchi. 2012. Conclusions. In C. Bonacchi (ed.) Archaeology and Digital Communication. Towards Strategies of Public Engagement: 126-130. London: Archetype Publications.
  • Bonacchi, C. 2012. Dal progetto museologico allo studio sui visitatori. La mostra Da Petra a Shawbak: un caso di Archeologia Pubblica (From interpretation planning to audience research. The exhibition From Petra to Shawbak. A case of Public Archaeology). In G. Vannini and M. Nucciotti (eds) Conference Proceedings (Florence, Palazzo Vecchio-Palazzo Strozzi, 5-8 November 2008) La Transgiordania nei secoli XII-XIII e le frontiere del Mediterraneo medievale, ‘Limina/Limes. Archeologie, storie, isole, frontiere nel Mediterraneo (365/1556)’: 479-486. Oxford: B.A.R., International series.
  • Bonacchi, C. 2011. Dalla Public Archaeology all’Archeologia Pubblica. In G. Vannini (ed.) Archeologia Pubblica in Toscana. Un Progetto e una Proposta: 103-112. Firenze: Florence University Press.
  • Bonacchi, C. 2009. Archeologia pubblica in Italia. Origini e prospettive di un ‘nuovo’ settore disciplinare (Public Archaeology in Italy. Origins and prospects of a ‘new’ field of study). Ricerche Storiche 2-3 (2009): 329-350.
  • Bonacchi, C. 2009. La mostra: idea e struttura. Il progetto museologico (The exhibition: concept and structure. The museological plan). In G. Vannini and M. Nucciotti (eds) Da Petra a Shawbak. Archeologia di una Frontiera. Catalogo: 36-46. Firenze: Giunti.
  • Nucciotti, M. and C. Bonacchi 2008. Shawbak. Cronache dall’Oltregiordano (Shawbak. Chronicles from Transjordan) [Video]. Firenze: University of Florence, Department of History and Geography, and CSIAF.
  • Bonacchi, C. 2007. Il castello di Piteccio nell’alta valle dell’Ombrone e il fenomeno dell’incastellamento toscano (secoli XI-XIV) (The castle of Piteccio in the high valley of the river Ombrone and the phenomenon of castle settlement in Tuscany [cc. XI-XIV])). Bullettino Storico Pistoiese. CIX (2007): 59-86.
Chiara Bonacchi

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