Yu-tz Tung

Archaeological site management in Taiwan: the socio-political context of value-based approaches

This research project will explore the importance and role of archaeology in contemporary Taiwanese society. The research project first aims to explore how the historical development of Taiwan’s archaeological management systems have influenced the contemporary role of archaeology past archaeological heritage management, examining stakeholder involvement, management strategies and their wider societal context. Against this background, and changing current perceptions, the research will then examine the opportunities for value-led management models for archaeological sites. The project will fall into three parts:

1. The past of Taiwanese heritage management

Examining past Taiwanese heritage management on archaeological sites, exploring its socio-political context, which can be differentiated into three main stages: the Japanese colonization in Taiwan, the implementation of martial law 1949-1987, and the period from the lifting of martial law until now. By understanding the key players, contributing factors and the relative managing ideologies in each period, I hope to create a platform to understand the contemporary position.

2. The present approaches to Taiwanese heritage management

Explore case studies of current archaeological site management in Taiwan, examining crucial elements in the planning modes of these sites, to understand the role of that archaeological management is playing in the present-day multi-cultural society: including crucial issues of identity, ethnicities, the role of archaeology in nation building, and the tension between State and individual perceptions.

3. The future of Taiwanese heritage management

Since archaeological value is dynamic, I will explore how the present management system could be improve to meet various values. This will involve looking at comparative approaches in international and regional models, and examining their relevance to issues such as building collective identity and formulating new perspectives on the nation’s history in Taiwan.


 Educational background

  • MA, Managing Archaeological Sites, UCL, 2007

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