Martin Locker

Landscapes of Pilgrimage in Medieval Britain

My research addresses the aspect of pilgrim travel in Medieval Britain, concentrating on both the practicalities of such a journey and also the interaction between pilgrim and landscape. Concepts such as liminality, sacred & profane space and the wilderness motif are combined with research on the Medieval route network and the archaeological and historical remnants of pilgrimage, in order to address this phenomenon in a holistic manner.

Funding organisation

  • 2009 – 2010: Schools Competition Act Settlement Trust Postgraduate Bursary

    2010 – 2011: Schools Competition Act Settlement Trust Postgraduate Bursary

    2011 – 2012: Schools Competition Act Settlement Trust Postgraduate Bursary


 Educational background

  • BA Archaeology, UCL, 2008
  • MA  Managing Archaeological Sites & Landscapes, UCL, 2009

Locker, M. 2012. The Archaeology of Andorra in Current World Archaeology, Vol. 52, pp 52 – 54.


The Winefride Well and its Pilgrim Landscape’, presented at the Early Medieval Archaeology Student Symposium in Glasgow, May 2011. ‘St Thomas of Leicester: A most unusual cult’, presented at the ‘Power and the Sacred in the Medieval World’ conference at the University of Leicester, November 2011.

‘An Upholder of Ancient Liberties Against a New-Fangled Tyranny: The Cult of ‘St’ Thomas of Lancaster’, at the Leeds International Medieval Conference. Forthcoming.

‘Landscapes of Devotion: Pilgrim Signs in their Wider Context’, co-authored with Dr Michael Lewis (British Museum), at the ‘Objects and Landscape’ conference at the British Museum. Forthcoming.

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