Hana Lewis

Pattern and process in Anglo-Saxon rural settlement

The dissertation will update, redefine and classify the morphology and typology of Anglo-Saxon rural settlements. Currently in the field, the majority of rural settlement evidence remains unquantified, ill-defined, outdated or overly generalised. A new survey and classification of rural settlements, spanning the entire Anglo-Saxon period is long overdue.

The dissertation will collect and analyse rural settlement evidence in order to produce interpretive models. The settlements themselves will undoubtedly exhibit a range of regional variations, in terms of their morphology and building forms, associated material culture and/or their political, administrative, religious, manufacturing and economic roles, which will need to be examined and quantified.

The dissertation will contribute to the study of Anglo-Saxon rural settlements through several means. It will produce a survey of rural settlement sites to date across the UK and draw them together into a single interpretive framework. Additionally, settlement case studies from the Thames and Humber regions will be discussed and compared in detail, shedding light on our understanding of regional forms and characteristics of Saxon rural settlement patterns. It will also present an overview of the relevant literature and prevailing lines of thought, process and debate within the field, as well as addressing some of the problems inherent within rural settlement studies.


 Educational background

  • MA, Archaeology of London, UCL, 2004 – 2005
  • BA (Hons), Prehistoric and historic archaeology and medieval studies, University of Sydney, 1999 - 2003

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Bull, R., Davis, S., Lewis, H. & C. Phillpotts with A. Birchenough, 2011 (forthcoming). Holywell Priory and the development of Shoreditch to c. 1600: archaeology from the London Overground East London Line. London: Museum of London Archaeology.

Lecture prestented to City of London Archaeological Society (COLAS) on Holywell Priory , Shoreditch EC2 (September 2010)

Lecture presented to Kingston-upon-Thames Archaeology Society on Holywell Priory, Shoreditch EC2 (Februrary 2011)

Raoul Bull, Simon Davis, Hana Lewis and Christopher Phillpotts with Aaron Birchenough, 2011. Holywell Priory and the devlopment of Shoreditch to c 1600: Archaeology from the London Overground East London line. Monograph Series 53. Museum of London Archaeology: London. 

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