Elpida Dragasi

The Legislative Process in developing Cultural Heritage Protection Policy in Greece with particular reference to Law 3028/2002

My research explores cultural heritage protection in Greece through a detailed investigation of the passage of the Law 3028/2002 ‘on the protection of antiquities and cultural heritage in general’ by analysing its pre-parliamentary and parliamentary stages. Specifically, three issues are addressed: how cultural policies on the protection of movable cultural heritage were developed into a law, what shape reforms on the protection of movable cultural heritage took during the legislative process, and how these new changes were received by different interest groups. Analysis of archival material informed the methodological framework alongside interviews with officials, specialist lawyers, and academics in Greece. The analysis of data identified a number of disputes and streams of thought which influenced the final decision. The drafting of the new Greek law for the protection of cultural heritage was positively received by participants involved in the legislative process and was adequately scrutinised throughout different stages. However, strong competing interests from political parties and professional unions made the process more complicated and hindered the Government in choosing which proposals to approve and finally in getting the Bill passed. These results provide the basis for understanding the process of cultural heritage policy law-making and have implications for its implementation and further development. Interesting insights into the rationale behind cultural heritage protection in Greece are also made apparent.

Funding organisation

  • Greek State Scholarships Foundation
  • A.G. Leventis Foundation


 Educational background

  • BA, Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, Technological Educational Institute of Athens, 2004
  • MA, Cultural Heritage Studies, UCL, 2007

The role of the legislative process in developing cultural heritage policy: a view from Greece, Current Issues in European Cultural Studies, 15-17/6/2011, Norrköping, Sweden

Laser Cleaning Studies on Wall Paintings; a preliminary study of various laser cleaning regimes, 6th International Congress on lasers in the conservation of artworks, 21-25/9/2005, Vienna, Austria

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