Carol Lo-Yun Chung

Art Museum as Learning Space: Theory and Practice of Taiwanese Art Museums

My research expects to examine the development of learning function and practices of Taiwanese art museums from both theoretical and practical views by referring to UK case studies in a comparative way. Special focus will be drawn on how museums shape the identities of people as learners in a designed setting, and how museums foster an inclusive learning environment. Based on the findings of studies in museum learning that learning is detectable and can be an effective way to prove museum’s positive impact and its public values, another concern of the research is the social purpose of learning in museum that brings the focus to investigate learning in terms of its processes and outcomes. However, lacking appropriate measuring tools and acknowledged methods, the research framework of learning needs to be restructured, and will be dealt with in the research as well.

Funding organisation

  • Taiwan Ministry of Education


 Educational background

  • BA, Political Science, National Taiwan University, 2006
  • MA, Art Management and Cultural Policy, National Taiwan University of Arts, 2010

Chung, L. Y., 2010. Contemporary Art as a Museum Revitalisation Strategy: A Case Study of Artist-In-Residence Programme of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Paper presented at the International Conference of the Museum 2010: Value, Purposes and Priorities of Museums at the Start of the 21st Century. Taipei: National Taipei University of Education.

Chen, K. J. & Chung, L. Y., 2008. Resource Integration and Management for University Museums: A Review of Domestic and International Cases. Technology Museum Review, 12:4, p.77-95.

Chung, L. Y., 2008. “Visions of Africa”: Post-colonial Criticism on Special Exhibition ‘Visions d’Afrique’ Presented by National Museum of History. Paper presented at the Conference of Cultural Communities and Governmentality. Taipei: National Taiwan University of Arts, Graduate School of Art-Cultural Policy and Management

Tsai, F. C., Hsu, Y. J. & Chung, L. Y., 2009. Ethical Issues in Behaviour and Social Science Research. Formosan Journal of Medicine, 13:5, 513-524.

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