Anastasya Cholakova

Glass supply and consumption in the Byzantine Empire

The present research project is focused on the detailed study of the organization of the glass production – supply – consumption: the functional aspects of that system as a common economic structure, chronological and territorial development, based on an analytical case study of glass finds excavated at Bulgarian sites (vessels fragments, window pane fragments, raw glass chunks, late 3rd – early 7th c. AD).

Several research areas and questions will be addressed: 1) Archaeological/ typological analyses of the glass complexes and finds available; 2) Laboratory analyses with appropriate scientific methods (EPMA etc) of the selected samples; statistical processing of the results 3) Comparative analysis between the analytical results obtained from Bulgarian finds and published and available data from contemporary Eastern Mediterranean glass complexes.

Tracing the relationships of the main glass groups (which derive from different raw glass primary producing centres) to the identified archaeological categories of finds (which reflect the existence of different secondary glass workshops and traditions) could be a possible way to establish the relation between the glass production/supply and consumption, and, on the other hand, the exchange of models and ideas of the shape of the glass object and decoration based on a case study of Bulgarian materials.

Funding organisation

  • EU project NARNIA (New Archaeological Research Network for Integrating Approaches to ancient material studies)


Research Directory Records

Educational background

  • MA, Classical archaeology (second subject – History), Sofia University, 1997

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