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About the Project

This site is an experiment in interactive teaching practice, funded by ESCILTA grant. It is designed to be used as a teaching resource in the Institute of Archaeology and specifically within the MA in Artefact Studies, the MSc in Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials and the MA in Egyptian Archaeology.

Aims and objectives
  • This project aims to produce visual, experimental and analytical materials related to the technology of Egyptian faience production and make it available as a reference study on the UCL website
  • Placing this work on the web is intended to highlight the potential of UCL facilities for archeological research, i.e. UCL’s museums and collections, the photography studio, material science laboratories and the web design facilities
  • The website will provide an example on how to develop the observational skills needed to identify the characteristic details of an artefact and critically consider what this may mean in relation to the wider aspects of the history of the object
  • The work will demonstrate the significance of artefacts and material culture studies in relation to ethnographical, historical and archaeological studies
  • The use of experimental archaeology as a tool to further our understanding of the technological processes and to test the validation of our theoretical research
  • It is intended that this project will be used as a "pilot" scheme to encourage further research projects (by students, staff and visiting researchers) to combine different analytical methods and interpretative theories to study artefacts (ancient and modern)
The people who have contributed to the project are as follows:

Zahed Tajeddin: researcher/editor of project, illustrations, photography, filming and media processing, microscopic and SEM analyses and reconstruction experiments

Dr. Bill Sillar: supervisor of project and coordinator of MA in Artefact Studies

Prof. Stephen Quirke: curator of Petrie Museum and coordinator of MA in Egyptian Archaeology

Prof. Thilo Rehren: consultation and interpretation of analytical data

Dr. Kathryn E. Piquette: web design

Mr. Stuart Laidlaw: photographic laboratory, digital film editing

The following software was used for this project: Adobe CS2, iMovie 9, Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.

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