Charlotte Frearson's 'Urban Ramblings' with BBC's Clare Balding

1 March 2018

Charlotte Frearson's 'Urban Ramblings' with BBC's Clare Balding

Clare Balding joins the Institute's Charlotte Frearson and her dog, Indy, on their daily walk to work as part of the BBC Radio 4 ‘Ramblings’ series with a focus on urban ramblings on 8 March.

A few years ago Charlotte was suffering from anxiety and her doctor suggested medication or a dog. After detailed research Charlotte decided a whippet would be preferable and she bought Indy, short, of course, for Indiana Jones!

Everyday they walk from their home in Crouch End, across London to the UCL Institute of Archaeology in Bloomsbury. It's hard to know who enjoys the walk more as Charlotte has the chance to reflect on the antiquities that might lie beneath their feet and Indy has the chance to hunt out tasty morsels on the pavement.

Charlotte contacted the BBC in 2017 regarding the University Archaeology Day with a focus on recruitment and was then invited to walk with Clare for the new Ramblings series. Discussion includes a love of dogs, a love of London and a love of Archaeology. As they take their favourite route from park to park Charlotte explains to Clare how Indy is now being assessed to be a Pet As Therapy dog, not just for her but for the students who sometimes find it easier to talk to him than their tutors.

Charlotte Frearson's 'Urban Ramblings' with BBC's Clare Balding

The inaugural University Archaeology Day, held at UCL in June 2017, was designed for prospective students, teachers and parents to learn about the many degree programmes on offer across the UK, to discover the huge range of career opportunities that an archaeology degree can lead to, and to hear about some of the latest archaeological research. 

The 2nd Annual University Archaeology Day will be held on Saturday 23 June 2018 at The British Museum in London.

The Institute's degree programmes offer an unrivalled variety of course options, covering a very diverse range of archaeological topics in both a theoretical and a practical manner, which enables students to build a degree tailored to their individual interests, whether they have a background in the arts, the sciences, or a mixture of both.