The Chimborazo Volcano (Equadorian Andes) in the 'Avenue of the Huacas'

Start: Sep 08, 2017 12:00 PM

Location: Room 431, UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies (SSEES), 16 Taviton Street

Chimborazo Volcano

Alden Yépez (Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Quito) will give a lecture at UCL on 8 September.


In the early period of colonisation of the Andes Spanish priests described removing indigenous idols. For instance, at Pariacaca (Huarochiri, Peru) Jesuit priests destroyed an indigenous altar and planted a cross. In the “provincia de Quito” another indigenous site “Andazana” (Antisana Volcano in the western cordillera of Ecuador) the cult focused on a ‘small stone’.  This “piedra pequeña” might have been located near the volcano and also functioned an “altar” for ritual practices.

This presentation will argue that a prominent andesite flow located on the western flank of the Chimborazo Volcano (central sierra of Ecuador) would have been considered as a “twin” of the peak of Chimborazo. This belief is based on the discovery of an Inca kancha (ca. AD 1440) at the base of the promontory (4800 masl) as well as rocks with cavity dedicated to high-altitude sacrificial practices. An archaeological complex of more than 60 sites with dates range from ca. AD 1350 – 1700 has been discovered. Modern sacrificial offerings discovered on the surface near these archaeological sites are indicative of the continuation of prehispanic cults related to the worship of the Chimborazo Volcano.

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