Mike Parker Pearson leads Stonehenge feedback from a consortium of experts

15 March 2017

Stonehenge (Image courtesy of Adam Sanford, Aerial Cam)

Mike Parker Pearson is part of a group of 21 archaeologists who have argued that a proposed tunnel under Stonehenge would block the sunset view the monument was designed to capture.

Mike and colleagues, who have carried out internationally-recognised research within the Stonehenge World Heritage Site over the last ten years or more and, together, have been responsible for many of the major discoveries of recent times, argue that the consultation document from Highways England has given very little attention to a possible southern route which would not damage the World Heritage Site.

In contrast, the western portal of the proposed tunnel would take a large chunk out of a 'sacred space' constructed around Stonehenge 3,500 years ago (at the same time as the final construction stage of the stone circle).

The authors of the response feel it would be a disgrace if the proposed scheme were not to respect the ancient boundary laid out in the Early Bronze Age.

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