Collaborative Beaker People research wins Ben Cullen Prize

18 August 2017

Beaker from Netheravon Flying School in Wiltshire

Congratulations to Mike Parker Pearson and colleagues who have won this year's Ben Cullen Prize, awarded to the runner up for best contribution to Antiquity.

Every year the journal awards the Antiquity Prize for the best article they have published, and the Ben Cullen Prize for the runner up. The Ben Cullen Prize was set up many years ago by Ian Gollop in memory of his friend, a bright archaeology scholar at Cambridge, who died tragically young.

This year the panel of judges decided to award the Ben Cullen Prize to the article by  Mike Parker Pearson, Andrew Chamberlain, Mandy Jay, Mike Richards, Alison Sheridan, Neil Curtis, Jane Evans, Alex Gibson, Margaret Hutchison, Patrick Mahoney, Peter Marshall, Janet Montgomery, Stuart Needham, Sandra O'Mahoney, Maura Pellegrini and Neil Wilkin on ‘Beaker people in Britain: migration, mobility and diet’. As part of the award the article is available on open access.

In the article the authors present their analysis of skeletal remains from the British Chalcolithic–Early Bronze Age which reveals new information about the diet, migration and mobility of those buried with Beaker pottery and related material. Results indicate a considerable degree of mobility between childhood and death, but mostly within Britain rather than from Europe. Both migration and emulation appear to have had an important role in the adoption and spread of the Beaker package.

Mike is a previous winner of the Ben Cullen Prize for his collaborative research article entitled 'Stonehenge remodelled'.

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