Prizes awarded to Institute students 2016

29 November 2016

UCL Institute of Archaeology (Photo: Lisa Daniel)

Congratulations to the Institute of Archaeology students who have been awarded Faculty and departmental prizes for the 2015-16 academic session.

Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences Prizes

Faculty Prize and Medal

  • Heather Armstead

Dean’s List for Excellence: Undergraduate students

  • Heather Armstead
  • Alasdair Chi
  • Sarah Cowell
  • Eleanor King
  • Lawrence Rees

Institute of Archaeology Prizes

Institute of Archaeology Sessional Prizes for outstanding undergraduate performance in Years 1 or 2

  • Rosalyn Christian
  • Kirsten Ehrlich
  • Maria Gajewska
  • Antanas Melinis
  • Abigail O’Gorman
  • Harry Platts
  • Elisa Scholz

Institute of Archaeology Master's Prizes for outstanding dissertations

  • Amy Cross
  • Olivia De Lamoethe Dreuzy
  • Allison Kopplin
  • Zoe Lake Thomas
  • Hannah Maisey
  • Ana Motta
  • Jan Sienkiewicz
  • Lucy Sladen
  • Kate Swinson

Gordon Childe Prize for the best final-year undergraduate(s)

  • Heather Armstead

Bryan Clauson Prize for work in Roman Archaeology

  • Isabel Annal

Peter Dorrell Book Prize for Archaeological Photography

  • Ella Bekesi

Ione Gedye Prize for Archaeological Conservation

  • For outstanding practical work: Jan Cutajar, Robert Price
  • For outstanding dissertations: Laura Chaillie, Elizabeth Ireland

W F Grimes Prize for Environmental Archaeology

  • Robert Parkinson
  • Kate Swinson

Hellyar Prize for outstanding contributions to the life and work of the Institute of Archaeology

  • Erin Niles

Roy Hodson Prize for the best dissertation(s) in Prehistory

  • Fergus Hooper
  • Mandy Weston

Seton Lloyd Prize for Western Asiatic Archaeology

  • Elias Rebeiz 

Douglas Murray Scholarship in Egyptology

  • Gillian Cordall 

Margaret Murray Prize in Egyptology

  • Virginia Bones
  • Jocelyn Miyara
  • Bryony Smerdon

Jonathan Rowe Prize for work in palaeoecology

  • Phoebe Heddell-Stevens
  • Leah Stricker
  • Leon Veal                           

Irene Sala Prize for lithic studies

  • Heather Armstead
  • Nils Vanwezer

Peter J Ucko Prize for Archaeology and Anthropology

  • Kirsten Brown
  • Nils Vanwezer