Digital Heritage 'Big' Data Hacking and Visualisation

Start: May 22, 2017 09:30 AM
End: May 22, 2017 05:00 PM

Location: Room 612, UCL Institute of Archaeology

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A one-day workshop entitled Digital Heritage 'Big' Data Hacking and Visualisation will be held at the Institute on 22 May.

The international workshop, organised by Chiara Bonacchi and Daniel Pett (British Museum), with generous support from the UCL Global Engagement Fund, UCL Centre for Digital Humanities and the Heritage Studies Section at the Institute, will discuss expressive uses of ‘big data’ visualisations to engage citizens with the results of research into the human past and its contemporary legacies.

It will bring together perspectives coming from the creative arts, design, software development, cultural heritage and museum studies. Speakers and discussants will reflect over the principles that could and should be driving the development of digital applications for the public interpretation and communication of heritage research that is based on the analysis of relatively large, varied and rapidly changing quantities of data extracted from web infrastructures.

The workshop is linked to the Ancient Identities Today project, which is experimenting with approaches that combine the use of ‘smaller’ and ‘bigger’ data online and offline, to study and communicate the meanings and uses of ideas and materials from the Iron Age, Roman and Early Medieval pasts in contemporary Britain.


  • 9.30: ‘Big’ Data and the Worlds of Heritage and Museum Practice and Research - Chiara Bonacchi, UCL Institute of Archaeology and Daniel Pett, British Museum
  • 10.00: An overview on Digital Heritage Data VisualisationMelissa Terras, UCL Centre for Digital Humanities TBC
  • 10.30: Make it Useful, Make it Usable: Heritage, Archaeological and Museum Data in the 21st CenturyEthan Watrall, Michigan State University
  • 11.30: Coffee Break
  • 11.45: Big Data Gothic and Digital ArchaeologyShawn Graham, Carleton University
  • 13.00: Lunch (provided for speakers only)
  • 14.00: Matthew Battles, Berkman Klein Centre for Internet and Society at Harvard University
  • 15.00: Patrick Wolfe, UCL Big Data Institute
  • 16.00: Coffee Break
  • 16.15: Discussion and conclusion. Principles for the Design of Digital Heritage ‘Big’ Data Visualisation - Discussants: Chiara Bonacchi, UCL Institute of Archaeology and Daniel Pett, British Museum
  • 17.00: Reception


Any enquiries about the workshop may be directed to Chiara Bonacchi.