New grant – Digital Heritage at the UCL Institute of Archaeology

9 August 2016


Chiara Bonacchi, in collaboration with Durham University, has been awarded funding from the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) for the project ‘Iron Age and Roman Heritages: Exploring ancient identities in modern Britain’.

The project, which runs from 2016-2019, is divided into two interconnected sections - offline ethnography (based at Durham) and digital heritage (based at UCL).

The project team, composed of Richard Hingley (PI, Durham University, Department ofArchaeology), Chiara Bonacchi (Co-I, UCL Institute of Archaeology) and Thomas Yarrow (Co-I, Durham University, Department of Anthropology), will assess how the Iron Age, Roman and, via smaller pilots, the early Medieval pasts of England, Scotland and Wales are called upon today, situating this understanding in an international context.

Through case studies, the project team will also document the wider values of interacting with the past for different individuals and groups, and frame a debate that looks for ways to connect up the interests of stakeholders and outlines directions for further coordinated research.

The approach being taken will allow access to significant new bodies of information online and offline. Particularly, the project will develop and apply a mixed and co-ordinated methodology for the study of heritage values that leverages both qualitative and data-intensive methods of analysis ranging from ethnography, to topic modelling, network analysis and crowdsourcing

The project is grounded in earlier AHRC-funded research undertaken on Hadrian’s Wall by Richard Hingley, digital heritage and public archaeology by Chiara Bonacchi, and professional practices by Thomas Yarrow