New NERC-funded project for Dorian Fuller

3 August 2016


Dorian Fuller was awarded NERC funding for a new project to investigate the impact of Asian rice production which recently started at the Institute.

Rice is one of the worlds most important crops, and it has a long history of supporting dense populations and civilizations throughout East, South and Southeast Asia. How rice was grown has important implications for the impact that humans and rice had on environmental change.

This project will reveal the history of rice cultivation comparatively across the region using cutting-edge archaeological science techniques and help improve our understanding of how the development of rice agriculture relates to the long-term history of human societies in this region.

Dorian is also leading the ERC-funded Comparative Pathways to Agriculture project which aims to produce the first global comparative synthesis of the convergent evolution of domesticated plants and early agricultural systems based primarily on empirical archaeobotanical data.

Dorian and his research team, as well as other Institute colleagues, recently participated in the 7th Conference of the International Work Group for Palaeoethnobotany held in Paris last month, chairing sessions and giving the following presentations:

Oral Presentations

  • Dorian Fuller - Long and attenuated: comparative trends in the domestication of tree fruits
  • Charlene Murphy - From North to South, new archaeobotanical and radiocarbon evidence from Kirindia and Kandarodai, Sri Lanka
  • Cristina Castillo - Advances in the archaeology of rice in Asia
  • Lara Gonzalez Carretero - A comparative archaeobotanical study on charred food remains from Neolithic Çatalhöyük (Turkey), Tepe Marani and Gurga Chiya (Iraq)
  • Alison Weisskopf & Dorian Fuller - New narratives on dispersal and diversification of rice cultures in East and South East Asia

Poster Presentations

  • Sue Colledge, James Conolly, Enrico Crema & Stephen Shennan - European Late Neolithic population crash correlated with declines in agricultural productivity
  • Louis Champion, Anne Haour & Dorian Fuller - New evidence on the development of millet and rice economies in the Niger river basin: archaeobotanical results from Benin
  • Eleanor Kingwell-Banham - Wet rice/dry rice. Identifying rice cultivation systems in South Asia
  • Anne Vareilles Sommieres - The development and spread of Early Neolithic crop agriculture in the western Balkans
  • Michele Wollstonecroft - A model for the collection and harvesting of wild and domesticated crops in the Borada highlands of southwestern Ethiopia