UCL research showcased at 41st International Symposium on Archaeometry

6 June 2016

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A large delegation of staff and research students from the UCL Institute of Archaeology and UCL Qatar recently showcased their work at the 41st International Symposium on Archaeometry.

Around 30 contributions were presented by those currently at UCL, in addition to many more presented by past graduates of the Institute's MSc in the Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials.

The ISA conference, which took place from 15-21 May 2016 in Kalamata, Greece, was attended by 600 delegates from around the world, with UCL making up the largest group from any single institution.

The work presented included research on ceramics, metals and glass from America, Europe, Africa and Asia, and spanning several millennia. This research typically combines fieldwork with scientific research at the Wolfson Archaeological Science Laboratories.

In addition to the many presentations and posters, specific sessions on metals and glass were chaired by Marcos Martinón-Torres, Ian Freestone and Thilo Rehren.


The following papers were presented:

  • Hannah Page, Patrick Quinn and Andrew Reid - Complexity in African Ceramics?
  • Jelena Zivkovic, Jose Cristobal Carvajal Lopez, Myrto Georgakopoulou and Timothy Power - Defining Ceramic Production of the Late Islamic Arabia: A View on Bahla/Khunj Ware from al-Ain.
  • Miljana Radivojevic, Thilo Rehren, Shahina Farid and Ernst Pernicka - Revisiting the Çatalhöyük metallurgy: new data from old finds.
  • Eleni Asderaki-Tzoumerkioti, Evangelia Skafida, Markos Vaxevanopoulos and Philip Connolly - Kastro Palaia settlement Volos, Greece: a technological approach to bronze metalwork diachronically.
  • Siran Liu, Thilo Rehren, Changqing Xu and Jianli Chen - Iron oxide reduction process (IORP) for lead and silver smelting: a modern innovation or a long-lasting tradition.
  • Thomas Birch and Jane Humphris - A thousand years of iron production: reconstructing smelting practices at Meroe through slag heaps.
  • Marcos Martinón-Torres and Juanita Saenz Samper - New but not good: Technological innovation, rejection and adoption in Pre-Columbian goldwork.
  • Ian Freestone - Practice less than perfect: How workshop activities modified the composition of ancient glass.
  • Anastasia Cholakova and Thilo Rehren - Compositions of a cage-cup from late Roman Serdica and the colouring of diatreta glass.
  • Laura Ware Adlington, Ian Freestone and Nick Teed - Elemental Composition and Craft Practice in a Medieval Window Glass Workshop.


  • Yi-Xian Lin, Ian Freestone, Paul Fullagar and Thilo Rehren - A comparative study of Early Chinese lead-barium-silica and potash-silica vitreous materials industries.
  • Jonathan R. Wood, Ian Freestone and Roberta Tomber - Recycled vessel glass as a raw material in the production of Mesopotamian alkali ceramic glazes.
  • Matt Phelps, Ian Freestone, Yael Gorin-Rosen and Bernard Gratuze - Developments in natron glass production and supply in early Islamic Palestine.
  • Laura Ware Adlington, Ian Freestone and Léonie Seliger - Developing in situ pXRF analysis of medieval stained glass.
  • Kalayar Myat Myat Htwe, Myrto Georgakopoulou, Thomas Oliver Pryce and Thilo Rehren - Metallurgical traditions and metal exchange networks in late prehistoric central Myanmar, c. 1000 BC to c. 500 AD.
  • Agnese Benzonelli, Ian Freestone and Marcos Martinón-Torres - Material and technological constraints on the generation of black patinated copper alloys.
  • Loïc Boscher and Thilo Rehren - The earliest of alloys: Arsenical copper production remains and replication experiments.
  • Myrto Georgakopoulou, Joanne Murphy, Margarita Nazou and Natalie Abell - Cycladic metallurgy at the transition to the Bronze Age: Kephala and Paouras on Kea Island.
  • Branden Rizzuto - Naipes, standardized Middle Sicán (ca. CE 1000) sheetmetal objects: New insights from SEM-EDXS and metallographic analyses.
  • Martina Renzi, Myrto Georgakopoulou, Thilo Rehren, Christina Peege and Walter Fasnacht - Reconstructing copper production technology at the Iron Age workshop of Almyras (Ayia Varvara, Cyprus).
  • Ana Franjic - Early Iron Age Iapodean Headdress: The social and technological context.
  • Carlotta Gardner, Ian Freestone and Michael Marshall - Metalworking crucibles in Roman London.
  • Mainardo Gaudenzi Asinelli, Marcos Martinón-Torres and Francesco Marco Paolo Carrera - All roads lead to Pisa? Sardinian copper and silver in medieval central Italy.
  • Mainardo Gaudenzi Asinelli and Marcos Martinón-Torres - Silvering in Middle Ages. The dress buttons of Leopoli-Cencelle (Italy) between forgery and deliberate choice.
  • Carmen Ting and Jane Humphris - A thousand years of iron production: A study of the technology and craft organisation of technical ceramics from Meroe and Hamadab, Sudan.
  • David Larreina-Garcia, Marcos Martinón-Torres and Yanxiang Li - Beaten tracks in technological traditions: Bloomery smelting after 2500 years of cast iron production in Central China.
  • Xiuzhen Li, Marcos Martinón-Torres and Thilo Rehren - Aesthetics and technology: Gold and silver ornaments in the Qin First Emperor’s bronze chariots.