AHRC award for TruLife Research Network

19 May 2016


Elizabeth Graham is part of a research network concerned with Precolumbian Tropical urban Life (TruLife) which has just received an AHRC award.

Elizabeth, together with Benjamin Vis (University of Kent, Canterbury), Christian Isendahl (University of Gothenburg) and Karsten Lambers (Leiden University) have received an AHRC Research Networking grant for 2016-18 entitled ‘Precolumbian Tropical urban Life: Placing the past in designs for sustainable urban futures’ (TruLife).

The network has been formed to face the challenge of increasing urbanisation. Benjamin Vis is co-ordinator of the network with Christian Isendahl; Elizabeth and Karsten are Network and Steering Group members.

It is a fact that strategies for future city development are not considering the long urban past. Network members' core research focuses on ways in which our knowledge of the diversity of long-term urban traditions, exemplified by Precolumbian Maya tropical cities, can effectively inform designing for sustainable urban futures.

TruLife is a humanities-led network of researchers who work in the environmental and social sciences. The network will convene three workshops dedicated to concerns about sustainable cities:

  • Food Security
  • Decay and Waste Management
  • Spatial practice

Any enquiries about this new research initiative may be directed to Elizabeth Graham.