Diversity of Institute research highlighted at SAA 2016

25 April 2016

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The diversity of the Institute's outstanding research and the extent of its collaborative links was showcased recently at the Society for American Archaeology's 81st Annual Meeting.

Institute staff and students joined friends and colleagues, including a significant number of Institute Honorary staff and alumni, at the SAA Annual Meeting which was held in Orlando, Florida from 6-10 April 2016.

Current research which was presented included:

  • Veysel Apaydin - Effective or not? Success or Failure? Assessing Archaeological Education Programs-The Case of Çatalhöyük in the Symposium entitled Assessing Outcomes in Public Archaeology: Imperatives, Perils and Frameworks (Sponsored by the Public Archaeology Interest Group)
  • Xiuzhen Li, Andrew Bevan, Marcos Martinón-Torres, Yin Xia and Kun Zhao - Who Made the China’s Terracotta Warriors and How? - Spatial Interpretation on Marking Evidence in the General Session on China and Japan
  • Seren Griffiths, Erick Robinson, Philip Buckland, Ralph Fyfe and Kevan Edinborough - The 8.2ka Event Evidence for Human-Environment Interaction in North-West Atlantic Europe in the Symposium entitled Human Adaptations to Late Glacial and Early Holocene Climate and Environmental Changes: Towards a Trans-Atlantic Perspective (Part 1)
  • Andrew Martindale, Kenneth Ames, Bryn Letham, Kevan Edinborough and Sarah Wilson - Midden Accumulation Rates in Prince Rupert Harbour: New Applications for Percussion Coring in the Symposium on Terraforming and Monumentality in Hunter-Gatherer-Fisher Landscapes
  • Frank Winchell, Chris Stevens, Charlene Murphy, Louis Champion and Dorian Fuller - Cereals and Ceramics: Another Look at the Late Neolithic Development of the Butana Group in Eastern Sudan during the 4th Millennium BC in the Symposium on Fire, Food, Farms and Fortifications: Recent Advances in the Archaeology of Africa (Sponsored by Society of Africanist Archaeologists)
  • Ling Qin and Dorian Fuller - Globalization and World Systems as Alternative Modes of Cultural Transmission in the Eastern China, 5000-2500 BC in the Symposium entitled Guava Cat Archaeology: Papers in Memory of Prof Pochan Chen
  • Elizabeth Graham - Exchange and the Economy Over Time in the Symposium entitled Nuts and Bolts of the Real "Business" of Ancient Maya Exchange (Part 1)
  • Christian Isendahl and Elizabeth Graham - A Model for Urbanism from the Neotropics? in the Symposium on Comparative Approaches to Complexity in the Tropics
  • Alison Crowther, Nicole Boivin, Leilani Lucas, Henry Wright and Chantal Radimilahy - Anthropogenic Plant Translocations in the Western Indian Ocean: Archaeobotanical Perspectives on the Anthropocene from Madagascar and the Comoros in the Symposium on Biological Exchange in the Anthropocene: Archaeological and Genetic Perspectives
  • Bruna Rocha - Interactions Across the Frontier? Exploring Interpretations of Ceramic Production and Design on the Upper Tapajós in the Symposium on Ceramics, Identity and Regional Interaction in the Lower Amazon
  • Bill Sillar - Viracocha’s Vulcanism: The Cultural Biography of a Volcano in the Symposium entitled Powerful Places in the Ancient Andes
  • Erin DuBois, Tony Waldron, Kate Bowers and Carolyn Rando - An Examination of the Spatial Distribution of the Tissue Fragments created during an Explosive Event in the Symposium on Forensic Archaeology

Session organisation

  • Amy Maitland Gardner and Elizabeth Baquedano chaired the Symposium entitled Gestures Across a Continent: Hands, Communication and Meaning in the Ancient Americas. Amy presented a paper in the same session entitled Their World at Hand: Entering the Language of Gesture in Classic Maya Art while Elizabeth (with Tessa Robinson) also presented a paper entitled Divine Hands: The Teotihuacan Great Goddess.
  • Elizabeth Baquedano was also Discussant in the Symposium entitled Mesoamerican Painting: Social Memory on Virtual Display
  • Matthew Pope chaired the General Session on the European Palaeolithic Age. Matthew also presented a paper in the same session entitled The Middle Pleistocene at La Cotte de St. Brelade, Jersey


  • Annemieke Milks and Matthew Pope contributed to the poster session on Archaeology of Europe II with a poster entitled Middle Pleistocene ‘Hunting Lesions’: Experimental Approaches to an Archaeological Puzzle
  • Charlene Murphy contributed to the poster session on Archaeology of Europe III with a poster entitled Finding Millet in the Roman World