Celebratory event at House of Lords for Jane Hubert

27 January 2016

Beverley Butler, Jane Hubert and Dean Sully (January 2016)

A celebratory tea was held for Jane Hubert (Honorary Senior Research Associate) at the House of Lords on 22 January to mark her academic achievements in social anthropology and archaeology.

Attending on behalf of the Institute of Archaeology, with which Jane has a long-standing association, were Beverley Butler, Dean Sully and Stephen Shennan. As part of the event, Beverley discussed Jane's contributions in the field of cultural memory studies.

Peter Stone (Newcastle University), who was also in attendance, talked about Jane's important work (with Peter Ucko, former Director of the Institute) for the World Archaeological Congress as well as her contribution to anthropology and archaeology.

Jane edited a number of volumes in the One World Archaeology series including Madness, Disability and Social Exclusion: The Archaeology and Anthropology of 'Difference' (2010), The Dead and their Possessions: Repatriation in Principle, Policy and Practice (2004, with Cressida Fforde) and Sacred Sites, Sacred Places (1997, with David Carmichael, Brian Reeves and Audhild Schanche).