Enabled Archaeology

23 December 2015

Physical and invisible disabilities portrayed by Enabled participants (Image courtesy of Theresa O'Mahony)

Institute student, Theresa O'Mahony, was invited to produce a fieldwork accessibility guide for UK Directors of archaeological excavations which has recently been published as a BAJR guide.

Enabled Archaeology - Working with Disability (BAJR Guide 41) outlines the case for making archaeological fieldwork accessible to all participants, whatever their current physical or mental circumstances, with only minor adjustments being needed, often at little or no financial cost to the project organiser or contractor.

Theresa O’Mahony is a mature disabled postgraduate student currently taking the Institute's MA in Public Archaeology, for which she received the Professor Sir Malcolm Grant Scholarship. Read more»

Theresa specialises in disability within archaeology, with articles being published in 2015-2016 concerning archaeology from a disabled/enabled perspective. Her undergraduate dissertation at the Institute was entitled 'Archaeology for All? An examination of attitudes towards disability within archaeology' (BA Archaeology, 2015)