Institute student wins prestigious travel award

19 November 2015

Laura Adlington uses pXRF to analyse Nathan, one of the Ancestors of Christ panels from Canterbury Cathedral

Laura Ware Adlington, a PhD student at the Institute and a member of the Early Glass Technology Research Network, has won a prestigious travel award.

Laura's work involves the analysis of medieval stained glass panels and the relationship of compositional changes within the window to their construction. She has been given support towards her research by The Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars.

As Laura has indicated:

  • "I am honoured to accept the Arts Scholars grant, which will allow me to visit York Minster and Canterbury Cathedral to analyse the stained glass there, and to travel to Kalamata to present my results at the forthcoming archaeometry conference."

The Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars is a Livery Company in the City of London. Membership is open to those engaged in the study, curation, collection and trade in antiques, antiquities and objects of decorative and applied art. Its charitable funds provide a number of educational awards as well as supporting publications, exhibitions and other projects.