Coins, hoards, and special deposits: current research

Start: Jun 22, 2016 10:00 AM
End: Jun 22, 2016 06:00 PM

Location: Room 612, UCL Institute of Archaeology

Photo: Excavation of the Bitterley (Salop.) hoard (Image courtesy of the Portable Antiquities Scheme)

A one-day interdisciplinary workshop highlighting the work of current doctoral and research projects will be held at the Institute on 22 June.

Whether by intent or accident, the deposition of objects provides the bricks and mortar for an understanding of social, economic, and ritual behaviour in past societies. As the finds record continues to grow, attention has increasingly focused on three deposit classes: 'single finds', particularly coins, deemed accidentally lost, intentionally-deposited object hoards, and 'special deposits' representing a ritual act(s).

Hosted at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, this workshop seeks to advance an interdisciplinary and multi-period dialogue on objects and their deposition, highlighting the work of current doctoral and research projects at UK institutions.


10.00   Reception

10.30   Welcome and introduction

10.40   Session 1: Debating deposits
  • Adrian Chadwick (University of Leicester): Mundane money or ritual resource? Contextual and relational approaches to coin deposition: the work of the Hoarding in Iron Age and Roman Britain project
  • Matthew G. Knight (University of Exeter): Let me break it down for you…An ongoing methodology for better understanding the deliberate destruction of Bronze Age hoards
  • Ceri Houlbrook (University of Hertfordshire): ‘A Plague of Padlocks’: the dissemination of contemporary deposits
  • Discussion

11.50   Break

12.10   Session 2: Money matters: numismatic studies
  • Matthew Ball (Independent): East meets West? Nummi of the Siscia mint in Britain
  • Nathan Murphy (University of Warwick): Reform and reaction? Charting responses to silver coinage reforms through hoarding patterns, 1st-3rd century AD
  • Mariele Valci (University of Nottingham): An overview of the denaro provisino (c.1186-1398)
  • Marta Barbato (University of Warwick): Coin finds of the Republican period in Rome and in Central Italy and the coin sample from the ’sottosuolo urbano’ of Rome kept in the Medagliere Capitolino: Circulation and use of Greek and Roman Republican coins
  • Discussion

13.30   Lunch

14.40   Session 3: Hoarding in Iron Age and Roman Britain
  • Zechariah Jinks-Fredrick (University of Hull): Iron object praxis in late Iron Age Britain
  • Rachel Wilkinson (University of Leicester): Coins as objects? Towards an integrated study of Iron Age hoarding
  • Rachael Sycamore (University of Leicester): Hiding hoards: a case study using Newstead Roman Fort
  • Discussion

16.00   Break

16.20   Session 4: Persistently weird? Deposits in the post-Roman west
  • Ethan Doyle White (University College London): Well deposits in Anglo-Saxon England
  • Murray Andrews (University College London): Pennies in peculiar places? Interpreting coin hoards from England and Wales, 1351-1544
  • Ceri Houlbrook (University of Hertfordshire): The Concealed Revealed: Hidden deposits in the post-medieval home
  • Discussion
17.20   Keynote lecture
  • Kris Lockyear (University College London): "Where do we go from here?" (Reprise)

17.40   Discussion and conclusions

18.00   Pub outing (Optional)

Image: Excavation of the Bitterley (Salop.) hoard (Image courtesy of the Portable Antiquities Scheme)