Percussive Technology in Human Evolution

Start: Sep 18, 2014 08:00 AM
End: Sep 19, 2014 06:30 PM

Location: UCL Institute of Archaeology

Percussive Technology in Human Evolution

An international conference on Percussive Technology in Human Evolution will take place at the Institute of Archaeology on 18 & 19 September.

Researchers from around the world working on the various facets of percussive technology will meet for two days to present new discoveries related to the role of pounding activities in areas such as Primatology, Ethnology and Archaeology.

The conference, which is part of the project 'Percussive technology in Human Evolution: A comparative approach', sponsored by the Leverhulme Trust's International Networks scheme, aims to promote inter-disciplinary comparisons to aid better understanding of the role of pounding activities in primate evolution.

Key topics will be discussed in four sessions, followed by a round table event.

Session 1: Percussive technology in modern humans and other primates

  • Chair: James Steele
  • Invited speakers: Andrew Whiten; Brian Hayden; Misato Hayashi; Blandine Bril; Christophe Boesch; Satoshi Hirata

Session 2: Percussive stone tools and the archaeological record

  • Chair: Helene Roche
  • Invited speakers: Karen Wright; Laure Dubreuil; Xavier Roda; Sophie de Beaune; Deborah Barsky

Session 3: Percussive activities in wild chimpanzees

  • Chair: Andrew Whiten
  • Invited speakers: Elisabetta Visalberghi; Lydia V. Luncz; Tetsuro Matsuzawa; Susana Carvalho; Guilia Sirianni

Session 4: The role of percussive tasks in human evolution

  • Chair: John Gowlett
  • Invited speakers: Naama Goren-Inbar; Jackson Njau; Sonia Harmand; Thomas Wynn 

Round Table

  • Chair: William McGrew
  • Discussants: James Steele; Andrew Whiten; Helene Roche; John Gowlett

Closing note by William McGrew

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