Society of Archaeological Masters Students Annual Conference II

Start: May 08, 2014 01:00 PM
End: May 09, 2014 07:00 PM

Location: UCL Institute of Archaeology

Society of Archaeological Masters Students (SAMS)

The Institute's Society of Archaeological Masters Students (SAMS) is holding its second annual conference on 8 & 9 May.

The theme of this year's SAMS conference is 'World Archaeology: New Thoughts and Themes in Archaeology and Heritage' with papers being given by current Masters students at the Institute and students from other institutions.  

Keynote lectures will be given by Sue Hamilton and Marcos Martinón-Torres as part of this event.

The conference is free to attend with complimentary lunch and refreshments and a reception follows the conference on both evenings, due to the generous support of UCL's Joint Faculty Institute of Graduate Studies (JFIGS).

All welcome!


Thursday 8 May

  • 1.00-1.30: Registration
  • 1.30-2.00: Keynote Lecture - Sue Hamilton Mastering Global Archaeology
  • 2.00-2.20: Julia Elsey - Pride in the Fight Against Trafficked Antiquities
  • 2.20-2.40: Anna Funke - A Case Study in Value-Based Conservation: Taxidermy
  • 2.40-3.00: Porin Šćukanec Rezniček - Frowning upon Human Sacrifice in Ancient Egypt
  • 3.00-3.20: Kelsey Cornwell - Emergence of Civilisation...in the West? An Alternative Perspective of the Social Stratification in the Argaric Culture
  • 3.20-3.50: Coffee/Tea Break - Leventis Gallery
  • 3.50-4.10: Courtney Bobik How Did They Eat? Exploring the Diet and Food Culture in the Egyptian Nile Delta During the Ptolemaic and Early Roman Periods
  • 4.10-4.30: Beatrice Campi On the Link between Tombs and Ethnicity: the Site of Pazyryk as a Startlingly Successful Example of Inter-Ethnic and Cosmopolitan Relationships
  • 4.30-4.50: Josephine Mills From Flint to Footsteps: Exploring Ancient Hominin Behaviour Through Stone Tool Provenancing
  • 4.50-5.10: Giorgia Amici, Mads Jorgensen, Katherine Jones, Simon Maddison, Lokwalo Thabeng A New View of Coastlines in Neolithic Orkney
  • 5.15-7.00: Reception  - Leventis Gallery

Friday 9 May

  • 9.00-10.0: Late Registration
  • 10.00-10.20: Cristina Ichim Mycenaeanisation of the Southern Aegean at the Beginning of the Late Bronze Age
  • 10.20-10.40: Isobel Reid Symbolic, Practical or Comfortable? Creating a Theoretical Model to Group the Funerary Equipment of the Ancient Egyptian Dead
  • 10.40-11.00: Ying Tung Fung Regional Tradition of 'Civilization' of Liangzhu Culture in Eastern China: Archaeological Evidence and the Influences on Archaeological Research and Cultural Heritage Management
  • 11.00-11.20: Ben Turkel Window Glass in the Roman Empire: Manufacturing, Occurrence, and Use
  • 11.20-11.50: Coffee/Tea Break - Leventis Gallery
  • 11.50-12.10: Florence Smith Nicholls and Rocío Mayol Sánchez A New Approach to Mediterranean Connectivity: Bronze Age Minoan and Iron Age Phoenician Seals in a Comparative Perspective
  • 12.10-12.30: Sarah Giffin The Production of a Plain-weave Textile Using a Traditional Andean Backstrap Loom
  • 12.30-12.50: Jessica O'Neill Life/Death Cycles: The "Ghost Bikes" of London
  • 12.50-2.00: Lunch - Room 410
  • 2.00-2.20: Kira Hopkins An Early History of Naukratis
  • 2.20-2.40: Siobhan Shinn Impact of Interregional Contact in Fourth Millennium BCE Egypt
  • 2.40-3.00: Jordan Graham The Aztec Use of Atrial Crosses to Superficially Assimilate during the Spanish Colonial Era while Upholding Prior State Imagery
  • 3.00-3.20: Jan Cutajar Sustainability, Green Chemistry and Contemporary Conservation Practice
  • 3.20-3.50: Coffee/Tea Break - Leventis Gallery
  • 3.50-4.10: Rachel Dewan Revealing an Invisible Spice Market: The Minoan Use and Social Significance of Saffron
  • 4.10-4.30: Stephanie Boonstra Towards a Total History of Egypt: Merging the History of Politics and Woodworking
  • 4.30-4.50: Mads S. Jørgensen The Late Classic Period Maya King Chakjal Chih? Chaahk of Namaan: An Epigraphic and Paleographic study of La Florida Stela I
  • 5.00-5.30: Keynote Lecture - Marcos Martinón-Torres Sharing Archaeological Research: Some Concluding Remarks
  • 5.30-7.00: Reception  - Room 410

The programme including paper abstracts is available to download here»

The Society of Archaeological Masters Students (SAMS) was created in 2012 to assist Masters students in the Institute of Archaeology, UCL by providing events such as lectures, seminars, and social activities.

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