Inaugural Lecture@UCL: Dorian Fuller

Start: Feb 25, 2014 06:30 PM

Location: UCL Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, Wilkins Building

UCL, 2011 (Image ©UCL Media Services)

Dorian Fuller will give his Inaugural Lecture entitled 'Growing Societies: the Archaeobotany of Food Production and Globalization of Agriculture' at UCL on 25 February.

Inaugural lectures are an opportunity for UCL professors to exhibit to the wider UCL community, and the public outside UCL, a flavour of their intellectual activity and research and for newly promoted professors they are also an opportunity for colleagues to recognise and celebrate the achievements that have led to their promotion.

The Inaugural Lecture will be followed by a reception and all are welcome.


The origins of agriculture irrevocably changed the relationship of humans and the earth, literally transforming earth at local scales of cultivation, and over the long-term, promoting population growth and economic specialization globally.While archaeologists have long investigated this “Neolithic revolution”, the ways in which humans changed plants through domestication and reordered their use of the vegetative world has come to be appreciated more recently through advances in the archaeobotany, the study of archaeological plant remains. This lecture considers recent insights on the transition from wild plant gathering to farming, drawing on examples from India, Southwest Asia, China, and Africa.

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