Paradox and Antiquity: the history of archaeology and government

Start: Jan 22, 2014 05:15 PM
End: Jan 22, 2014 06:15 PM

Location: Room 612, Institute of Archaeology

Institute of Archaeology building, 2010

James Doeser (UCL) will give a seminar organised by the Institute's History of Archaeology Research Network on 22 January.

The seminar is entitled 'Paradox and Antiquity: the history of archaeology and government' and all are welcome.


In deciding to preserve our heritage, governments give themselves a variety of intractable policy problems. The most important of which relate to the questions 'what should be preserved and why?'. Using a variety of historical sources, this presentation will take a canter through 20th century heritage policy in England to show how an emergent archaeology lobby has (or more often has not) influenced the fate of our material past and why government policy relating to archaeology and heritage is forver a paradox-filled world of absurdity.