Senior promotions for Institute staff

13 July 2015

Institute of Archaeology building, 2010

The Institute is very pleased to announce the success of four staff members in UCL's Senior Staff Promotions 2014-15. The promotions, richly deserved, acknowledge staff research and teaching excellence in their respective fields.

Ignacio de la Torre - promoted to Professor of Palaeolithic Archaeology
Ignacio is currently leading the ERC-funded ORACEAF project, exploring the origins of the Acheulean in East Africa with the development of a comprehensive research programme at Olduvai, based on the retrieval of fresh data derived from new laboratory and fieldwork research.

Mark Altaweel - promoted to Reader in Near East Archaeology
Mark is a specialist in Mesopotamian history and archaeology and has worked in most of the countries of the Near East – from Egypt to Iran, from Turkey to Yemen and southern Arabia – including numerous digs in both Iraq and Syria. He is co-author of the forthcoming volume Treasures of Nimrud: The Tombs of the Assyrian Queen.

Beverley Butler - promoted to Reader in Cultural Heritage
Beverley is Degree Programme Co-ordinator of the Institute's MA in Cultural Heritage Studies. She is also Series Editor of the Left Coast Press Critical Cultural Heritage Series of publications. Her research interests include heritage and wellbeing and she recently obtained funding for a cross-disciplinary research project to enhance wellbeing in cancer patients.

Theano Moussouri - promoted to Senior Lecturer
Theano is Degree Programme Co-ordinator of the Institute's MA in Museum Studies. Her research interests include the interaction of museums and galleries with their audiences. She was recently awarded strategic funding in association with the Institute of Education to build synergies for studying visitor experiences in the digital museum.

Warmest congratulations are given to them all!

Promotions are effective from 1 October 2015.