World Archaeology Festival 2015

Start: Jun 13, 2015 12:00 PM
End: Jun 13, 2015 05:00 PM

Location: UCL Institute of Archaeology & Gordon Square Gardens

World Archaeology Festival

The Institute's contribution to the Council of British Archaeology's Festival of Archaeology will take place on Saturday 13 June from 12pm-5pm

The 'World Archaeology Festival: Passport to the Past' will involve lots of activities taking place in Gordon Square and in the Institute of Archaeology building for families and all members of the public.

Tours of the Institute's world-renowned collections and object handling-sessions will be available while archaeologically-related activities for adults and children alike will also be on offer as well as displays of experimental archaeological techniques.

Please do save the date and come along to participate in the event. All activities are drop-in, there is no need to book and all are welcome!

Activities in Gordon Square Gardens should include

Sandpit Archaeology: Learn how to excavate and unearth the past From Skin to Leather: See how animal hides are transformed into leather Meat: the Ancestors: see how our ancestors processed meat
Make it in Stone: See how to work flint into tools (flint knapping) Conservator for a Day: Be a conservator for the day: take part in aspects of conservation
Pace Yourself: Learn some basic archaeological surveying techniques
Tinder and Steel: Making fire in the Middle Ages

Whose Poo: Find out what people in the past had to eat by dissecting their poo

Lighting up the Past: make a lamp: Make a working Roman/Greek lamp just like they did 2,000 years ago
Lets do the Time Warp: Learn an ancient weaving technique
Cave creations: Try making paints and see what kind of cave art you can create. Help make an art work for the Institute

Connect 4 Stratigraphy: Connect the layers of time and race the other team

Meet the Alchemist: Turn your copper into gold
Fish Mummification: Make your own mummified fish just like the Egyptians did
Underwater Archaeology-DSI-Deep Sea Investigation: Dive into the world of ancient shipwrecks

Activities in the Institute of Archaeology should include

Conservation Laboratory - piecing together the past: See what’s involved in conserving objects for display in museums. Find out what we discover during conservation When Bad Things Happen to Good Books: Come and see how damage and decay affect our books. Learn book mending and basic conservation techniques
Egyptian Rituals: Make your own servant to work for you in the Egyptian afterlife. Wax modelling and painting of Shabtis
Maya you have a Happy Birthday: Discover the Maya calendar and your birthday secrets Scenes from the Past: Be inspired by archaeologists' travels. Make your own greetings cards inspired by your archaeological expedition at the Institute Sherds through Time: Create a timeline using Ancient Egyptian material from the Institute's collections
What's my Stuff: Use the Institute's X-ray flourescent equipment to find out what your jewellery is made of Petrie Museum: Try making your own pot inspired by the Petrie Museum's collections Film screening: View archival films from the archaeological record
A Taste of the Past: Ancient Egyptian style bread making
Fragmented Frescoes: Create a wall painting and help create a story from the past

An information desk will be located on the ground floor of the Institute of Archaeology to answer any queries you may have while a 'pop-up cafe' on the 6th floor of the Institute will be available when it is time to take a break! Face painting will also be offered.

Don't miss the chance to explore Europe's largest archaeological institution and interact with some of our 80,000 objects! 

World Archaeology Festival 2015

Tours & Children's Trails

  • Tours of the Institute of Archaeology Collections and Object Handling Sessions - starting from the ground floor information desk at 2pm & 3pm. Participants should sign up in advance (max 15 people per tour).
  • Blitz on Bloomsbury Tour - WWII tour of the Bloomsbury area, starting from the ground floor information desk at 2.30pm & 3.30pm. Participants should sign up in advance.
  • Passport to the Past: Time Detectives Handbook - follow the children's trail around the Institute. Let Marley Mole guide you round, answer the questions and receive a prize! Collect the trail from the information desk.
  • Hidden Histories trail of Gordon Square - use the trail to discover the hidden history of Gordon Square.
  • Visitors will also have the chance to see our latest exhibition 'We Need to Talk: Connecting Through Technology' on display in the A.G. Leventis Gallery of Cypriot and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology.

The Institute's participation in the Festival of Archaeology is part of its ongoing commitment to public engagement and outreach activities, to provide archaeological opportunities of the highest quality to all, regardless of background.

Visit the World Archaeology Festival website for further information and follow updates on Facebook and Twitter.