The Spectre of Non-Completion

Start: Jan 26, 2015 04:00 PM

Location: Room 612, Institute of Archaeology

The Spectre of Non-Completion

James Dixon (Museum of London Archaeology) will give the third seminar in the Term II Institute of Archaeology Research Seminar series on 26 January.

Future Pasts | Present Futures: Critical Conversations on the ‘Contemporary’ across disciplines

This seminar series seeks to foster cross-disciplinary conversations on concepts of time, materiality and space through a focus on the temporal, ontological and spatial implications of the ‘contemporary’.

While it has become customary to think of the ‘contemporary’ as a sort of prefix to denote a range of different disciplines’ engagements with, or explorations of, current topics of social, ecological or political concern, the ways in which different disciplines provide particular and varied lenses through which to reflect on and actively contribute to processes of composing and designing the contemporary has rarely been considered. Similarly, while we have become accustomed to the idea that heritage is something of the past, conserved in the present, for the future, the ways in which contemporary archaeological, architectural, artistic, heritage-related and museological practices might be implicated in actually assembling or producing the past, present and future has also rarely been discussed.

This seminar series will critically explore the idea of the ‘contemporary’ and its relational notions of the past, present and future, through case studies drawn from archaeology, architecture, art, geography and heritage. In doing so, will seek to generate new debates and trans-disciplinary conversations between and across these fields.


Term II Institute Research Seminar Series 2014-15

This seminar series is organised by the Heritage Studies Section and the Archaeology-Heritage-Art research network at the Institute.

Institute of Archaeology Research Seminars take place on Mondays from 4-6pm, in Room 612 of the Institute.

All welcome! Seminars will be followed by a wine reception.