Crossdisciplinary frameworks for studying visitors' experiences with digitally mediated museum exhibits

Start: Nov 24, 2014 04:00 PM

Location: Room 612, Institute of Archaeology

Studying visitors’ experiences with digitally mediated museum exhibits

Theano Moussouri & Eleni Vomvyla will give the eighth seminar in the Term I Institute of Archaeology Research Seminar series highlighting current research at the Institute on 24 November.


Theano Moussouri and Eleni Vomvyla will present insights on the methodology as well as preliminary findings from pilot studies conducted with family groups at the Cocoon and Treasures Galleries at the NHM and the Digital Kids (Video Games) family event at the V&A. Combining analytical and methodological approaches from motivation, multimodality and embodied interaction, Moussouri and Vomvyla will show that visitors’ motivation and socio-cultural experiences influence interaction and meaning making around digital museum exhibits. Furthermore, the speakers will discuss how research methods focusing on embodied interaction and multimodality can delve into types of engagement that self-report methods alone cannot reveal and vise versa.

Institute of Archaeology Research Seminars take place on Mondays from 4-6pm, in Room 612 of the Institute.


Term I Institute Research Seminar Series 2014-15

All welcome! Seminars will be followed by a wine reception.

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