An Assyriologist in Egypt: R. Campbell Thompson at Wadi Sarga

Start: Nov 13, 2013 05:15 PM
End: Nov 13, 2013 06:15 PM

Location: UCL Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

R. Campbell Thompson at Wadi Sarga (Image courtesy of the Trustees of the British Museum)

Elisabeth O'Connell (The British Museum) will give a seminar organised by the Institute's History of Archaeology Research Network at the UCL Petrie Museum on 13 November.

The seminar is entitled 'An Assyriologist in Egypt: R. Campbell Thompson at Wadi Sarga' and all are welcome. 


In 1913-14, Reginald Campbell Thompson excavated the Monastery of Apa Thomas at Wadi Sarga (c. AD 600-800), three cemeteries and a 'villa' in Middle Egypt (near Asyut) on behalf of the Byzantine Research Fund. The outbreak of the First World War meant that a full record of the excavation was never published. In 1922, a selection of papyri, ostraca and stone inscriptions were edited and published (P. Sarga), but the uninscribed objects and the documentation of the archaeological site were not.

This presentation will outline the history of excavation, Campbell Thompson’s excavation methods and how the documentation is being used today to recontextualise objects as part of the British Museum Research Project, ‘Wadi
Sarga at the British Museum.’

Due to limited seating at the Petrie Museum, please RSVP to Amara Thornton if you would like to attend.