Seminar cancelled: The Fayum Depression 10,000-6,000BP

Start: Oct 28, 2013 06:15 PM

Location: G51, SOAS, London WC1H

Fayum Field Project

Simon Holdaway (University of Auckland) will give a lecture at SOAS hosted by the London Centre for the Ancient Near East and the Institute's Material Cultures of Egypt Research Network on 28 October.

Update 28/10/13: Unfortunately due to the travel disruption caused by today's stormy weather, this seminar has had to be cancelled.

Prof Holdaway's lecture is entitled 'The Fayum Depression 10,000-6000 BP: New Results and Analysis of Egyptian Epi-Palaeolithic and Neolithic Deposits' and all are welcome.


The north shore of the Fayum depression is famous for its extensive Epi-Palaeolithic and Neolithic archaeological records. Results obtained from a new field work project are used to investigate the distribution and age of surface artefact deposits found along the edge of a series of ancient lake edge basins in the north of the Fayum depression. Intensive survey allows a better understanding of the relationship between locations of occupation and the history of lake level fluctuations while analysis of stone artefact assemblages helps to clarify the relationship between Epi-Palaeolithic and Neolithic occupations. An intensive dating program based on material obtained from excavated hearths provides a clearer picture of the chronology of occupation of the Fayum. These results have implications for how the early Egyptian Neolithic should be assessed.

Any enquiries may be directed to David Wengrow.