UCL Connections awarded Digital Humanities Prize

15 May 2013

Virtual reality visualisation developed by the Warbrand team

The UCL Connections project, involving Institute PhD researcher, Jia Liu, was the winning project at UCL's Digital Humanities prize workshop.

The cross-disciplinary UCL Connections project aims to unite UCL's physical/digital resources and personal experiences for research, social or promotional activities and so help create new connections within and outside UCL. It is based on technology and an interpretation strategy provided by the Warbrand team, led by Jia Liu, PhD researcher at the Institute of Archaeology and involves collaboration with Emma Norris (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health), George Neris (UCL Centre for Sustainable Heritage, Bartlett) and Peter Williams (UCL Information Studies).

Warbrand is an innovative information visualization team in the field of cultural heritage. It focuses on the use of popular computer technology, including virtual reality and augmented reality technology, for interrelating archaeological work and cultural heritage projects, both for academic users and public engagement.

During the past 12 months, the Warbrand team has cooperated with heritage authorities in China and has successfully completed several projects including shape monitoring of artefacts and archaeological sites, demonstrations of preservation plans and a digital exhibition; virtual restoration of sites and virtual tourism.

Warbrand logo

In 2012, Jia Liu and his team won the Bronze Prize of 2012 CSSA-UK High Level Challenge, which was supported by Chinese Embassy in UK.

The UCL Digital Humanities prize workshop (25-26 April 2013) was organised by the Grand Challenge of Intercultural Interaction and convened by Melissa Terras, Director, Centre for Digital Humanities.  The workshop was the conclusion of the UCL's Digital Humanities Month.

  • If you are interested in Warbrand`s work, Please contact Jia Liu.