19 April 2013


The CHAT Group will host its 2013 conference on The Experience of Archaeology and the Archaeology of Experience at UCL in November.

The 'Experience' conference will focus on the experience of archaeology and the archaeology of experience in the present and recent historical past. A call for sessions and papers has been announced with a deadline of 1 May 2013 for submission of proposals.

‘Experience’ represents a significant concern across a wide variety of academic disciplines and is central to studies of modernity. Increasingly, ‘experience’ determines the viability of heritage sites and dictates their interpretation.

The contemporary heritage landscape—heritage-themed destinations, heritage-led regeneration and branding of place through the enlisting of ‘the past’—explicitly reflects a new concern with experience. In doing so, it exposes major differences in philosophies and taste amongst ‘professionals’ (archaeologists, architects, public historians, heritage managers) and the public. The practice of engaging with and ‘capturing’ oral history, which we might think of as memories of experience, plays an important role in contemporary archaeological narrative.

Proposals for sessions and papers which address the conference themes should be sent to reach the conference organisers at chatconference2013@gmail.com by 1 May 2013.

Session proposals should include a short session blurb along with titles and 200 word abstracts of 3-4 associated papers and the names and contact email addresses of the session convenor and paper presenters. Individual paper proposals should include a title, 200 word abstract and the name and contact email address of the presenter.

The Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory (CHAT) group was established in February 2003 to provide opportunities for dialogue to develop among researchers in the fields of later historical archaeology and the archaeology of the contemporary world and is currently chaired by the Institute's Rodney Harrison.