Communicating Conservation

22 January 2013

Communicating Conservation - Graffiti: decorating our streets

Institute students undertaking the course on 'Issues in Conservation: Context of Conservation' have designed and produced posters communicating specific aspects of conservation.

As part of their assessed work for this graduate course students were asked to design a poster communicating a particular aspect of conservation of their choice, giving the reasons for their choice and their intended audience. Submissions included 'Preserving Freud', 'Identity and Public Art Conservation', 'Graffiti: decorating our streets', 'Caring for sacred ruins' and 'How to Conserve a Concept'.

The course on 'Issues in Conservation: Context of Conservation' examines the nature and history of conservation of cultural heritage objects, and discusses practical, professional and ethical issues. It focuses on the role of conservation in museums and in related disciplines, and on the effects of political, cultural and institutional contexts on conservation practice.

Any enquiries about the posters or the course may be directed to Renata Peters.

Previous thematic posters include: