Lost Kingdoms of South America

14 January 2013

Jago Cooper

Jago Cooper, Institute alumnus and now Curator of the Americas at the British Museum, will be presenting the first of his four-part television series 'Lost Kingdoms of South America' on BBC4 this evening.

Jago completed his AHRC-funded PhD research at the Institute on Island Interaction in the Prehistoric Caribbean: an archaeological case study from northern Cuba in 2007, before undertaking postdoctoral research at the University of Leicester on the Archaeology of Climate Change in the Caribbean. He returned to the Institute in 2011 to work on the AHRC-funded Rapa Nui Landscapes of Construction project, led by Sue Hamilton at the Institute and Colin Richards at the University of Manchester with other UK and international collaborative partners, before being appointed recently as the new Curator of the Americas at the British Museum.

His new BBC4 television series reveals the extraordinary history of some of South America's ancient civilizations, exploring spectacular ruins and investigating the myths and legends that surround these mysterious kingdoms.

Jago explores some of the richest and most vibrant histories in the world, revealing fascinating stories of complex and sophisticated civilisations that existed for up to a millennium before their fall to the Incas and the Spanish in the middle ages.

In the first episode Jago searches for evidence of the mysterious Chachapoya of Peru, known as the 'People of the Clouds' before journeying through Bolivia's spectacular landscape to investigate the origins of Tiwanaku.