Publication of Voices in (and around) the Museum

7 January 2013

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The Voices in (and around) the Museum Seminar Series organised by the UCL Mellon Programme and Centre for Museums, Heritage and Material Culture Studies has now been published by JCMS.

Contributions from the seminar series are available in Vol 10, No 1 (2012) of the Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies (JCMS) which was guest co-edited by Sarah Byrne and Antony Hudek, organisers of the seminar series at the Institute in 2011.

On the Voices in (and around) the Museum Seminar Series

From being perceived as a collective resting place for mute objects and a silent, ocular-centric space to showcase them, the museum is increasingly called upon to account for the voices in its midst. Objects are now widely understood to tell stories, speaking in different ways to different constituencies. In turn, the voices of visitors, source communities, curators, collectors and makers – whether in the form of reminiscence, testimony, storytelling, myth or song – play an increasingly prominent role in determining the museum’s approach to knowledge production and dissemination.

This series of oral interventions – by architects, artists, curators, historians, musicians, theorists, and writers – aims to understand how the voices emanating from objects and subjects in the museum impact the institution’s traditional remit of researching, collecting and displaying objects. How do these voices condition the visitor’s affective and sensory experience? How do the narratives told by the museum through objects change over time? Which voices have been suppressed, and why? What can museums do to preserve the immaterial traces of the voice? And what new technologies and outreach strategies will be required to listen to and broadcast voices both in and outside of the museum?

Contributors included: Sarah Byrne (UCL Mellon Programme), Debbie Challis (UCL Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology), Paul Elliman (Yale School of Art), Allison Foster (Rootstein Hopkins Foundation Archive Cataloguer), Susan Hawkins (Kingston University London), Ruth Holt (Royal College of Art), Antony Hudek (UCL Mellon Programme), Jack Maynard (Rootstein Hopkins Foundation Conservator), Seph Rodney (The London Consortium), David Toop (London College of Communication), Linda Sandino (V&A Museum).

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