David Wengrow to give the Henry Myers Lecture 2014

28 August 2014

David Wengrow speaking at the Engelsberg Seminar 2013

David Wengrow has been invited to give the Henry Myers Lecture 2014 at the British Museum on 12 September.

David's presentation is entitled 'Farewell to the “Childhood of Man”: Ritual, Seasonality, and the Origins of Inequality' and all are welcome to attend.


Across the ages, dual structures of political organisation – where a single society alternates periodically between hierarchical and egalitarian systems – have served as effective checks and balances on the excesses of state power. In tracing their deep origins back to the ‘Upper Palaeolithic Revolution’ we come a little closer to understanding – not just the full nature of “complexity” among our hunter-gatherer ancestors – but also their millennial track record of avoiding the emergence of states

The event is organised by the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI). The lecture, which begins at 5pm, will be preceded by the RAI’s AGM. All are welcome to the AGM; only RAI Fellows may vote.

The Henry Myers Lectureship on the Role of Religion in Society was founded by Henry Myers, a Fellow of the Institute, in 1945 "to further the study of man's mental and spiritual development" and is given biennially.