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Institute researcher awarded Fellowship for continuation of Balkan research

27 August 2014

Miljana Radivojević, included in Serbian daily Blic's traditional list of Magnificent 20 Serbians for 2013

Miljana Radivojević has been awarded a Fellowship at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge commencing in March 2015.

Miljana is currently undertaking research at the Institute of Archaeology on the AHRC-funded collaborative project 'The Rise of Metallurgy in Eurasia'. The purpose of this research project is to understand the emergence of metallurgy in the Balkans during the 6th-5th millennia BC. It is an unprecedented 3-year collaboration between British, Serbian and German archaeological institutions and the largest project currently investigating early metallurgy in the world.

The award of a 3-year Anniversary Research Fellowship will allow Miljana to continue her research on the evolution of metal making technologies in the Balkans over c. 5000 years (Neolithic – Metal Ages).

Miljana has previously been named in the Serbian media as one of 10 young Serbians to watch and was included in Serbian daily Blic's traditional list of Magnificent 20 Serbians for 2013. In this regard, Miljana was commended for her work on early Balkan metallurgy and for increasing the profile of this area of research (via the collaborative AHRC-funded project) and Balkan cultural heritage internationally. Read more»