Institute participation in school's Moving On Day

9 July 2014

Institute participation in Farnborough school's Moving On Day

Institute staff have again participated in the annual Moving On Day for students at Farnborough 6th Form College.

Ian Carroll (the Institute's Collection Manager), Charlotte Frearson (Undergraduate Recruitment Officer) and Brigid Geist (Graduating 3rd year student, with First Class Honours) attended the annual "Moving on Day" at Farnborough 6th Form College on 3 July.

The Institute has been participating in the event for the past 5 years giving talks about Archaeology and lessons in object identification and handling. This year, for the first time, the Institute joined the numerous universities and employers for the day-long "Moving on Day Fayre" in the Dame Kelly Holmes Sports Hall.

Ian, Brigid and Charlotte represented UCL, providing students with prospectuses and information regarding the degrees that UCL currently offer as well as practical tips for studying and living in London. Ian and Charlotte also gave their annual talk to Classics students on 'What is Archaeology?', as well as a 35-minute object handling session focusing on the life histories of selected objects from the Institute's extensive and world-renowned collections.

The day was very well attended, with a large number of students expressing interest in finding out more about the Institute of Archaeology and UCL. Institute staff hope to attend the event to represent UCL in future years.

Participation in this event is part of the Institute's ongoing commitment to public engagement and outreach activities and its remit to provide archaeological opportunities of the highest quality to all, regardless of background.

Note to schools

If you are running a careers fayre / University fayre at a school or college and would like the UCL Institute of Archaeology to attend please do contact Charlotte Frearson c.frearson@ucl.ac.uk for more details.