Heritage and Healthy Societies

14 May 2014

Svalbaard Global Seed Vault (Image courtesy of Mari Tefre/Svalbard Global Seed Vault)

Staff and research students from the Institute's Heritage Studies Section are participating in the University of Massachusetts Amherst Centre for Heritage and Society annual conference this week.

The conference is entitled Heritage and Healthy Societies: Exploring the Links among Cultural Heritage, Environment, and Resilience and will bring together heritage scholars from a wide range of sectors to examine the potential of cultural heritage to contribute to a more sustainable future, doing so by promoting transdisciplinary explorations of the intersections among heritage and environment, resilience, and wellness.

  • Beverley Butler will co-organise a session on 'Making More Just Futures through Heritage' and present her work on 'Heritage Syndromes’ - Wellbeing in the Making of ‘Just’ Futures'.
  • Research student Nicole Deufel will give a presentation on the topic 'Identity Work at Heritage Sites: A Stepping Stone to Intercultural Understanding and Peace?'
  • Rodney Harrison will deliver an invited plenary paper on 'Heritage after Nature/Culture: Towards an Ontological Politics of Heritage in the Age of Anthropocene'.