CAA co-ordination role for Hadrian's Wall site management

8 April 2014

Housesteads Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall (Photo courtesy of the Hadrian's Wall Trust)

The UCL Centre for Applied Archaeology is co-ordinating consultation in preparation for the drafting of the 2015-2019 Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site Management Plan.

The CAA has been commissioned to co-ordinate this consultation which aims to clarify and prioritise practical and achievable ways forward for the next Management Plan period for the site, based on as wide a consultation as possible.

The consultation process has begun with meetings already held with selected groups managing and delivering various aspects of the current Management Plan. From this a short document has been produced listing 25 top priorities for the years ahead.

A broader consultation will now take place to gather feedback on these priorities, along with any other new ideas. The CAA will host ten public workshops held at a total of five venues along the WHS from Maryport to North Tyneside, and an online consultation. 

The online consultation closes at 12 noon on Monday 28 April.

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