#MuseumWeek comes to the Institute of Archaeology

13 March 2014

#MuseumWeek on Twitter

Rachael Sparks will join museums and galleries from across the UK and Europe for the first ever #MuseumWeek, later this month.

#MuseumWeek, a project connecting people to artwork, culture, history and science in new and interactive ways, will take place from 24-30 March and will give Twitter users direct and unparalleled access to some of Europe’s leading museums and the people behind them in 140-characters bursts. 

The Institute of Archaeology Collections will join other UK organisations already signed up including the Science Museum (@sciencemuseum), the Natural History Museum (@NHM_London), the Victoria and Albert Museum (@V_and_A), the British Museum (@britishmuseum), Eureka! The National Children's Museum (@eurekamuseum) and the Tate (@Tate) and others across Europe by including the hashtag #MuseumWeek in their Tweets for the week, meaning users can follow along on Twitter.

In addition, every day there will be a different theme including #MuseumSelfies, #AskTheCurator, and #MuseumMemories.

Mar Dixon (@MarDixon), an expert in social media and museums and host of the @CultureThemes project, said:

  • “Every day of the year museums and cultural institutions across the world are using Twitter in exciting and interesting ways to tell the stories of their collections to new audiences.  #MuseumWeek will shine a light on these activities, giving a real-time glimpse into the workings of museums across the UK and Europe, 140 characters at a time."

The Institute of Archaeology Collections contain over 60,000 objects that are used in teaching, research and outreach. Archaeological materials include ceramics, lithics and other objects from a range of periods across Europe, Africa, Egypt, the Levant, Mesopotamia, Pakistan, India, Mesoamerica, South America and the Caribbean.

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