Silver and Other Economies in the Viking World

28 February 2014

Viking silver arm ring

A two-day conference on Silver and Other Economies in the Viking World, organised by Jane Kershaw, will be held at the Institute in April.

New economic and social practices led to profound changes in the use of precious metals in Viking-Age Scandinavia. Such changes elucidate the nature of payment and trade in a society characterised by growth in long-distance networks and market centres, but they also provide a framework for studying social relationships and concepts of wealth and payment media more broadly defined.

The aim of this conference is to bring together an international mix of archaeologists, numismatists and metallurgists to generate new insights into the monetary and non-monetary roles of silver and other media, from a range of disciplinary perspectives.

Jane Kershaw is a British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow undertaking research on the Viking bullion economy, in which weighed silver was used as a means of exchange, rather than coin. She is the author of Viking Identities: Scandinavian Jewellery in England, published by OUP.