Jeremy Tanner interviewed on BBC Radio London

20 February 2014

Jeremy Tanner

Jeremy Tanner was interviewed on BBC Radio London 94.9 recently about comments made in the media regarding the Elgin marbles.

Following George Clooney's recent intervention in the debate about the Elgin Marbles, Jeremy was invited to contribute to a discussion on The Harriet Scott and Chris Rogers current affairs programme on 16 February about the issues raised by the presence of sculptures from the Parthenon in the British Museum. He sought to place some of the arguments of the supporters of restitution, and their opponents, in a larger context of contemporary issues in cultural heritage and museology.

Jeremy's research interests include Greek and Roman art and architecture, sociology of art and comparative historical studies of art and religion. He was awarded the SAGE Prize for Innovation and Excellence 2011 for his article in the journal Cultural Sociology on the sociological interpretation of art.