Institute contributes to development of new Amazonian university

13 December 2013

Invited participants at the IKIAM Amazon University Workshop

Manuel Arroyo-Kalin was recently invited to particpate in the IKIAM Amazon University Workshop for the establishment of a new Amazon university.

Manuel participated in the 5-day workshop in the Amazonian city of Tena, convened by the Equador Minister of Knowledge and Human Talent, at which representatives of world-leading universities and specialists in Amazonian research discussed the teaching strategies, research goals, administrative structure and overall mission of the IKIAM Regional Amazonian University.

IKIAM is an ambitious project of the Ecuadorian government to build a new Amazonia-focused university with the aim of achieving international excellence in the field.

Against the backdrop of the Amazonian rainforest, workshop attendees (including two members of the UCL Institute of the Americas) critically evaluated a blueprint for IKIAM developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and submitted a number of recommendations to the Ecuadorian authorities. Prominent among the latter is the need to develop a strong presence of research and teaching in Archaeology, Anthropology, Economics, Ethnobiology, Environmental Law, Ethnohistory, Linguistics, Rural Sociology and Palaeoecology.

Manuel Arroyo-Kalin chairing a panel discussion at the IKIAM Amazon University Workshop

Manuel Arroyo-Kalin's current archaeological research into pre-Columbian indigenous history and landscape transformations in the Ecuadorian Amazon (funded by the British Academy) is well suited to contribute to the the goals of the IKIAM University project.

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