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Mediterranean Islands, Fragile Communities and Persistent Landscapes

12 December 2013

Mediterranean Islands, Fragile Communities and Persistent Landscapes

Andrew Bevan and James Conolly's volume on the archaeology and history of Antikythera is now available.

The volume entitled Mediterranean Islands, Fragile Communities and Persistent Landscapes: Antikythera in Long-Term perspective is published by Cambridge University Press and is the culmination of the Institute's collaborative Antikythera Survey Project which undertook a phased, interdisciplinary programme of fieldwork, artefact study and laboratory analysis addressing the long-term history and human ecology of the tiny Greek island of Antikythera, over a period of about 7000 years.

Antikythera is small enough to allow the project to cover the entire island by intensive archaeological survey and other systematic fieldwork and disciplinary perspectives, facilitating the collection of various datasets for this comprehensive study.

The project was supported by awards from the Arts and Humanities Research Council; British Academy; Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Canada; Institute of Aegean Prehistory and the Mediterranean Archaeological Trust.

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